How do we contact you?
Email - Fastest
Twitter - Less urgent
$96 per masternode per year or $30 per masternode for 3 months. Each masternode has its own IP address and connects to a VPS server. Service includes Installation, VPS Hosting and Support. There are volume discounts. Email Contact if you need more masternodes than listed on the forms.
I just bought enough coins can I order now?
Please order once you have your coins in a fully synced wallet. Don’t send your coins to the wallet until it’s synced.
When do you work?
The Central time zone of North America or UTC-6. This is crypto! So we work quite a bit beyond standard 7-8 hour days.
How long will the installation take?
We try to install them very quickly but it really depends the number of orders we have and how easy it is to connect to you. We strive to have all installations completed within 48 hours, but 95% have been completed in under 12 hours.
You want my Private Keys!?!?!?
It's not your wallet's private key but the masternode's private key. We never have access to your wallet or coins. Unfortunately all the wallets use the term "private keys" so it is a common misconception.
Do we send you the coins?
Nope. Everything takes place on your wallet on your computer.
Can I close my wallet or shut down computer without disconnecting from masternode?
Absolutely. Just restart and sync wallet every few days to see the sweet, sweet masternodes stakes!
I got masternode stakes, but my friend got more than me over the last 24 hours. There must be something wrong in my setup.
The setup is fine. Some days you’ll get twice as many coins as the next. It happens.
Can you stake my coins for me?
We do not support remote staking and have no plans to.
How quickly do you respond to support inquiries?
As we scale to meet demand our goal is to continue to respond to within 24 hours.
What if sometime after my installation, I make a mistake and my masternode(s) need reinstallation?
We reserve the right to charge .0075 BTC for each masternode that needs reinstallation. We can do this for you with shared screen for .01 BTC. Please use coin control when making transfers and don’t withdraw the masternode collateral amount.
What if I sell my coins before my contract ends?
We offer no refunds, but if you do have another masternode ready that we support, we will install another for .0075 BTC and run it for the duration of our service agreement.
Locked wallets = Could not allocate vin
Before you start your Masternode, you have to unlock your wallet. Not all Coin Wallets will remind you to do so. If you run into an error message when starting your Masternode, verify that it is not locked.
Add coin control for ultimate control

Coin control is a feature to enable full control over which coins you transfer in and out of your wallet. This is important when you receive dividends and would like to transfer them out to sell on an exchange.

Turn on Coin Control Features in your wallet using Settings->Options->Display->Display Coin Control Features. Once enabled, a new button in the Send screen appears called Inputs.

View our interactive guide here

I cannot open my %APPDATA% folder
If you are struggling to open the %APPDATA% folder it may be that it is hidden from your view. Microsoft has a guide that shows how to enable hidden files for all versions of Windows.