COPICO Masternode Setup Guide

NODEshare's easy step by step instructions

The process of setting up a remote XCPO Masternode may seem daunting but you only need to follow a few steps.

Start with the checklist and work your way through the steps.

Step 0 - Checklist

You will need the following.

  • 50,001 XCPO coins. You only need 50,000 for your masternode, but do need a bit more to make the transactions.
  • Latest version of the XCPO wallet - check the Copico website for the official version
  • Order Hosting from NODEshare
  • 10 minutes of your time

Onto Step 1. Click on the below to get started.

Step 1 - Enable Coin Control

Goto Settings, Click Options, Click Wallet, Click Enable Coin Control.

Step 2 - After Receiving IP address from NODEshare, create Masternode

Click Masternodes

Pick a unique alias - mn01 is fine. (Pasted what was received from NODEshare)

Paste the IP address received as part of the setup instructions into the address field

Step 3 - Send 50,000 XCPO to new address

Copy New Address onto clipboard and into .txt file from NODEshare

Then click SEND

  1. Paste the new address in PAY TO:
  2. Type 50,000 in Amount:
  3. Click the Send button at the bottom left
  4. Click okay to confirm the transaction fee

Note: this must be 50,000 TOK - do not alter this number for fees, they will be added on top. Transfer the collateral in one transaction only.

Step 4 - Get Masternode Private Key (this is not your wallet’s Private key)

Click Masternodes.

Click “Get Config”

Copy the masternodeprivkey data and paste into .txt file from NODEshare

Step 5 - Email NODEshare the Text file or Text file data.

Just reply to XCPO Masternode Order Confirmation - [XCPO1XXX] from NODEshare

Paste or attach your mn address & masternodeprivkey and send.

Step 6 - Receive confirmation from NODEshare and Start Masternode

Once the NODEshare setup is completed, you will receive a notification to start your Masternode.

If you have locked your wallet unlock it (only for staking ticked) before you start the Masternode.

Click the Masternode Tab

Click "Start MISSING"

A message will appear that the Masternode was started successfully. Happy Dividends!

Please Note: it may take up to 24 hours to receive your 1st stake. Please contact support. If you have not received your 1st stake AFTER 24 hours.