How to use coin control

How to transfer coins using coin control withou breaking your masternode

Coin control is a feature in your wallet that gives you full control over which coins to transfer.

Unfortunately, it is not enabled by default. In this guide we will learn the following:

  • How to enable coin control
  • How to select the correct coins for withdrawal
  • How to populate the amount field in the send dialogue

Click on the headers below to get detailed instructions and an interactive guide on how to accomplish it.

Enable Coin Control

First you need to enable coin control. It is hidden in the settings of your wallet. While this guide shows it for the Neutron wallet, all other wallets are more or less the same - click on Settings->Options->Display and then tick the box next to "Display Coin Control Features".

Sidenote - if you have managed to download the wallet, sync the blockchain and transfer coins into your wallet, you are already an expert. So the warning "experts only" is a bit redundant :)

Select coins to withdraw

With coin control enabled, you will find a new button called "Inputs" in the send screen. Click on it and you are presented with all addresses that hold coins.

To withdraw your dividends only, ensure to only tick the checkboxes that correspond to dividends. Do not tick your collateral amount (the amount you used to create your Masternode). That way you ensure that your masternode stays up after the withdrawal.

In the image below the wallet is lagging a bit - hence the boxes are ticked with a bit of delay.

Copy the correct amount

When you are finished ticking checkboxes, go back to your "send" screen. You will find that the Amount you can withdraw has been filled according to the amount of boxes you ticked.

As you know each transaction requires a fee to be paid. In order to withdraw the right amount, right click on the amount in "After Fee". A menu pops up to "copy after fee" which is what you want to do.

As a last step, paste the amount into the amount field. It will populate with the correct amount. Enter the address you want to withdraw to and click send.

And that's it. You have safely withdrawn coins without touching your Masternode funds.