Q. What is Byteball (Gbytes)?

This coin does a lot.
Smart/Conditional Payments, no-fee crypto exchanges, sports betting and trustless "insurance". Please read the wiki for a much better understanding of Byteball’s features and innovations.
Also be aware Byteball is the platform, Bytes/Megabytes/Gigabytes is the currency. Byteball wiki

Q. Where can I get Gbytes?

  1. Exchanges - Listing from Coinmarketcap
  2. Airdrop - Holders of Bitcoin can receive Gbytes every full moon in one of the longest ongoing airdrops in crypto.

Q. How does the Byteball rebate work?

Order a the masternodes you want on the new NODEshare order forms and pay with Gbytes or Bitcoin as instructed. Include your Byteball address and within 24 hours of your order being initiated, you’ll receive a rebate of Gbyte to your address. We do this in case if there are ordering errors since we do not issue refunds and need to make sure this rebate is fraud-resistant.

Q. How large is the Rebate?

If you pay in Gbytes, 20% of the purchase price will be rebated to you in Gbytes.
If you pay in Bitcoin, ~10% of the purchase price will be rebated to you in Gbytes. Market fluctuations in the time between purchase to rebate may affect this percentage.
For larger orders we offer up to an additional 10% cashback - these will automatically be applied on the order form.

Q. Do I need to download the Byteball wallet?

No, but it is strongly recommended. You can send NODEshare Gybtes directly from an exchange.
By holding Gbytes in your Byteball wallet, you will receive 10% additional Gbytes on the next full moon based on the Byteball airdrop. That's what we do at NODEshare and both Cryptosandwich & Longestline hold GBYTE among their personal holdings

Q. Does NODEshare accept Blackbytes?

Not yet. Right now there doesn’t appear to be enough market liquidity but this will probably change over time.